Drill to Detail Ep.20 'MapR Platform Differentation, Scaling Hadoop and Microservices' With Special Guest Tugdall Grall

Mark Rittman is joined in this episode by MapR's Tugdall Grall to talk about MapR's platform differentation and relationship with open-source Hadoop, scaling and streaming, microservices, and MapR's platform strategy around big data workloads in the cloud.

Drill to Detail Ep.13 ‘Apache Drill, MapR + Bringing Data Discovery to Hadoop & NoSQL’ with Special Guest Neeraja Rentachintala

Mark Rittman is joined by MapR's Neeraja Rentachintala to talk about Apache Drill, Apache Arrow, MapR-DB, extending Hadoop-based data discovery to self-describing file formats and NoSQL databases, and why MapR backed Drill as their strategic SQL-on-Hadoop platform technology.