Drill to Detail Ep.38 'Oracle's Big Data Strategy Before OOW' with Special Guest Jean-Pierre Dijcks

Drill to Detail returns for a new season with special guest Jean-Pierre Dijcks, to talk about Oracle's Big Data Strategy now and in the past, thoughts on distributed query and storage in the cloud, and previewing themes and announcements to look forward to at the upcoming Oracle Open World 2017 event running in San Francisco next month

Drill to Detail Ep.10 'Oracle's Big Data Reboot, and Data Storytelling' With Special Guest Stewart Bryson

Mark Rittman is joined once more by Stewart Bryson, talking about Oracle's recent reboot of it's cloud big data platform at Oracle Openworld 2016, thoughts on DataFlowML and comparisons with Google's Cloud DataFlow and Amazon Kinesis, and data storytelling with Oracle Data Visualisation Desktop 2.0

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Drill to Detail Ep.4 'Reference Architectures Revisited' with Special Guest Andrew Bond

In this episode I'm joined by Andrew Bond from Oracle's Enterprise Architecture team, to look back at the Oracle Information Management & Big Data Reference Architecture we collaborated on back in 2014 and ask ourselves what's changed, what parts of the architecture had the most impact and adoption in the market, and what are the challenges Andrew and his team see customers trying to overcome when deploying big data applications in the enterprise.