Drill to Detail Ep.72 'Conversion Rate Optimization and Other CRAP' with Special Guest Bhav Patel

In this final Drill to Detail Episode before we take a break for the summer, Mark Rittman is joined by Bhav Patel, founder of the London Conversion Rate, Optimization and Product Analytics Meetup to talk about Conversion Rate Optimization, Experimentation and A/B Testing, Customer vs. Product Analytics, Attribution and Personalization ... and the story behind the CRAP Meetups.

Drill to Detail Ep.70 'Oracle Analytics, Luke Skywalker and the Remarkable Return of Enterprise Analytics' featuring Special Guest Bruno Aziza

Mark Rittman is joined by Bruno Aziza, Group Vice President, AI, Data Analytics & Cloud at Oracle to talk about the recently-updated product roadmap for Oracle Analytics, Oracle BI in the marketplace, recent acquisitions in the analytics marketplace and the recent Oracle Analytics Summit at Skywalker Ranch, California.

Drill to Detail Ep.69 'Looker, Tableau and Consolidation in the BI Industry' featuring Special Guests Tristan Handy and Stewart Bryson

Mark Rittman, Founder and CEO of Rittman Analytics is joined in this special episode of Drill to Detail by returning guests Tristan Handy, Founder and CEO of Fishtown Analytics and Stewart Bryson, Founder and CEO of Red Pill Analytics to talk about the recent acquisitions of Looker by Google Cloud Platform and Tableau by Salesforce, the wider story about consolidation in the BI industry and whether the trend in analytics tools is towards enterprise features … or open source?

Drill to Detail Ep.68 ‘Confluent, Event-First Thinking and Streaming Real-Time Analytics’ With Special Guests Robin Moffatt and Ricardo Ferreira and Special Host Stewart Bryson

In this special edition of the Drill to Detail Podcast hosted by Stewart Bryson, CEO and Co-Founder of Red Pill Analytics, he is joined by Robin Moffatt and Ricardo Ferreira, Developer Advocates at Confluent, to talk about Apache Kafka and Confluent, event-first thinking and streaming real-time analytics.

Drill to Detail Ep.65 'Bootstrapping, Growth Hacking and Supermetrics Data Pipelines for Digital Marketers' with Special Guest Mikael Thuneberg

Mark Rittman is joined by CEO and Founder of Supermetrics, Mikael Thuneberg, to tell the story of how a  mention in the official Google Analytics Blog and a prize of a t-shirt led to him founding and bootstrapping what is now a €10M ARR marketing analytics business that’s probably the most important software vendor the Drill to Detail audience has never heard of, and who recently moved into the data pipelines-as-a-service market in collaboration with Google Cloud Platform and the Google BigQuery team.

Drill to Detail Ep.64 ‘Google BigQuery, BI Engine and the Future of Data Warehousing’ with Special Guest Jordan Tigani

Mark Rittman is joined in this episode by Jordan Tigani, Director of Product Management at Google for Google BigQuery, to talk about the history of BigQuery and its technology origins in Dremel; how BigQuery has evolved since its original release to handle a wide range of data warehouse workloads; and new features announced for BigQuery at Google Next’19 including BI Engine, Storage API, Connected Sheets and a range of new data connectors from Supermetrics and Fivetran.

Drill to Detail Ep.63 'Stitch, Talend and the Evolution of Data Pipelines' with Special Guest Jake Stein

Mark Rittman is joined by returning Special Guest Jake Stein, former co-founder and CEO of Stitch and now SVP of Stitch at Talend to talk about the evolution of the data pipeline-as-a-service, data catalogs and data governance and the vision behind Talend’s acquisition of Stitch.